Tato / Tatino / Tato ovale

Tato ovale/tortora
Tato ovale/grey
Tato ovale/light blue
Tato ovale/pink
Tato white/tortora
Tato white/grey
Tato white/light blue
Tato white/pink
Tatino white/tortora
Tatino white/grey
Tatino white/light blue
Tatino white/pink

Augmented reality

Look at the 360° model and find out all the details.
Look at the model at 360° and find out all the details. Visit the page from your smartphone to set the product in full size directly in the room.


Tato ovale crib

L 134,5 cm
P 67 cm
H 94,5 cm

Tato crib

L 131,5 cm
P 72,5 cm
H 104 cm

Tato baby bath

L 81 cm
P 49 cm
H 100,5 cm

Tato cabinet with changing pad extension

L 91 cm
P 55+21 cm
H 98,5 cm

Tatino baby bath
Tato wardrobe

L 100 cm
P 55 cm
H 177 cm

Tatino crib

L 130,5 cm
P 71,5 cm
H 102,5 cm


Data sheet
Augmented reality
Our beds are manufactured in compliance with the safety requirements of the EUROPEAN STANDARD: EN 716-1:2017 + AC:2019