About us

A long history of 50 years to Erbesi, Friuli-based company specializes in children's rooms with a design and unique features. Not only beautiful but with specific attention to quality and high safety standards. The company, founded in 1966 by Cantarutti family, celebrates, in 2016, 50 years of business activity. Years dedicated to making a special, warm and comfortable environment for children, with beds and furnishings for rooms, elegant, chic and modern. Pioneering spirit and vision enriched by so much creativity and technical competence are the foundations on which the company.

Today Davide and Enrico are continuing the work of their parents with the same passion, the same commitment and the same dedication. True to the old slogans: "Erbesi for small today ... the tomorrow's V.I.P", they accompanied children of several generations in the first stage of their lives and made their growth more safe. Excellence of Made in Italy, with a great success in International markets, Erbesi designs and creates complete bedrooms for children, including coordinated textiles, to create a soft and enveloping environment.


in tutta Italia

The early cribs with turned columns, passing through the creation of innovative cribs with flat slats, become then in common use on the market, passing from convertible models to traditional models. Not least the products are characterized by tender decorations, created with inspiration from the magical world of children. Wonderful stories and sweet characters that accompany thousands of children in their happiest dreams. Over time the style has evolved following the trend but the quality, safety and reliability as post sale service are always the same.